Songwriting Workshops!

(virtual sessions)


  • write three songs in four weeks
  • any level welcome 
  • explore craft vs. inspiration
  • discover your unique “voice” 
  • two-hour weekly “classes” 
  • get feedback from the class on your new song each week 
  • weekly zoom meeting  with other songwriters 
  • an encouraging, inspiring environment

Six Person Limit 


  • open to anyone who has already taken a workshop with Alison
  • collaborative assignments
  • individualized assignments
  • includes a one-on-one session
  • write three songs in four weeks
  • weekly zoom meeting with other songwriters

Six Person Limit 

 email me for prices, dates, times...

ONE-ON-ONE Songwriting Consultations available for $50 per one-hour

    Interested? More info: / 716.226.6212

    Alison Pipitone has taught songwriting workshops at colleges, music stores, community centers, and in private homes. She has a unique approach to songwriting; you won't be "taught" about "best" formats or songwriting practices. Instead, you will discover and refine your own unique style, overcome writer's block, and learn to build on your strengths.


    "I loved the workshop I liked the range of assignments.” 

    "It definitely helped my work ethic and motivation.  It also gave me confidence in some of my ideas, and that helped me to be able to bring out the songs sooner to actually play for people.”

    (Anne Philippone) 

    “Before taking the workshop, I was convinced I couldn’t write songs. Now I know that I can.”

    “It was amazing how we could all have the same assignment yet interpret it so differently.”

    (Cindy Pieramico) 

    “I liked the deadline aspect of needing to finish up assignments. This gave me the push to SPEND THE TIME crafting rather than putting the work off until “later” (which has a good chance of being MUCH later, if at all).” 

    “Having other participants along with me in the workshop opened my eyes- and imagination- to much different perspectives on the assignments. The workshop also provided a big boost in confidence.” (Bob Hogan) 

    “ Structured inspiration was great…You really do a very skillful job of guiding the workshop and the writing.”

    (Kathy Moriarty) 

    “I loved that it got me out of my writers block. I enjoyed listening to other people's material and commentary on the creative process.” 

    “It provided me with inspiration, motivation, and new ways to approach songwriting. I loved the assignments.” 

    (Grace Stumberg)