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APB for Food Truck Tuesdays

Larkin Square, 745 Seneca Streert, Buffalo, NY


Alison Pipitone Band

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Hamburg Gaming, 5820 South Park Avenue, Hamburg, NY

CANCELLED - sorry, friends. Current score: Social Distancing-1, APB-0. See you soon!


Good Time Charlene

 —  —

Preservation Pub, 948 Main Street, Buffalo

Alison plays rhythm guitar in Good Time Charlene, a suuuper fun band that plays some of your favorite classic rock songs. Stop out and say hi to Karen, Natalie, Gray, Mark, Ron, and Alison. Free admission.


Good Time Charlene

Strikers Lanes, 50 Michael Road, West Seneca, NY

Alison plays rhythm guitar in Good Time Charlene. We play your favorite songs from the 70s 80s 90s and 00s. Karen Taylor, Natalie Pipitone Howes, Gray Howes, Ron Lee, and Mark Dinsbierr. Hope to see you there!



Alison Pipitone and Kevin Lewis Songwriters Night

Duende at Silo City, 85 Silo City Row, Buffalo, NY




Duende at Silo City CANCELLED, 85 Silo City Row, Buffalo, NY

Sorry, friends! We had to postone this date. See you soon!

“Pipitone's lack of pretense has helped endear and ex-alt her as an unassuming activist – case in point, her most recent music video, in which she is cast as the slightly scandalous lust interest of the girl next door in the song, “Roller Derby Queen.” She is a longtime supporter of PCWNY and their mission to work with the community to make Western New York a safe, healthy, and satisfying place for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people to live, work, and establish their families.” 

PCWNY NewsBlast 

“Alison Pipitone is on her way to becoming a star. She sings with charm, vim, and vitriol; lightning in a bottle, basically. She's a top-flight songwriter with a wicked vocal left-hook and serious attitude.” 

Samuel L. Wereb - Rockzillaworld 

“Review of "Tigerbabies"- Look, all the praise heaped on Pipitone in this review won't do a thing to make her rich or famous. But if you, the reader, are tired of hearing boring music, want something that will get your blood moving, want some real rock 'n' roll that will get your feet demanding access to a dance floor, you couldn't do much better than Alison Pipitone. ” 

Jim Trageser - Turbula 

“The most important thing to know is that Pipitone writes beautiful melodies, hook-laden little gems that nestle in your head and don't leave. She's got a smooth voice that, like her songs, still has an edge to it, a bit of bourbon-and-Marlboro-tinged razor wire that cuts right to the heart of a song. ” 

Jim Trageser - North County Times 

“Alison Pipitone is the high priestess of the local rock scene. She has set the standard with her live performances, her ample recording oeuvre and as the winner of numerous Buffalo Music Awards and other recognitions. She has consistently released outstanding recordings including her latest effort Me and Miss Grimes.” 

Bob Silvestri - Best of WNY 

“Pipitone just gets it. She knows how to grab a crowd's attention; with her guitar - standing, sliding, strutting and strumming - she stands out as the center of the universe. And yet, when she opens her mouth, her words make her a truly relatable performer. She's not just entertaining, but poignant and relevant. Love, loss, loneliness: Pipitone understands human nature. Her current album, "Me and Miss Grimes," is filled with delightfully up-tempo, heart-wrenching numbers that you'll love dancing to (as you cut that "special someone" out of all your pictures). In the pantheon of great things about Western New York - Niagara Falls, chicken wings, Mighty Taco, neighborly kindness - Pipitone is right up there. Without her, that local concert experience just wouldn't be the same. We might not have an indoor pool, a barbecue, a solarium, an aquarium, or a petting zoo. But, we do have jokes, some beer, a radio and imagination ... and we adore Pipitone.” 

Joshua Maloni - WNY Papers

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