Not Going Down

Alison Pipitone

The new song by Alison Pipitone

Alison Pipitone has enjoyed an incredibly loyal following throughout her 22 years in the WNY rock/indie music scene. Under her belt: Nine albums, thousands of performances across the U.S., hundreds of print and radio interviews, scores of TV appearances…in other words, a storied career in music. Pat Shaughnessy on drums has been her solid backbeat for a dozen years; Graham Howes has been her lead guitarist for ten years; Natalie Howes on backing vocals for the same. Their shared history has ultimately produced a sound that is simultaneously tight and loose, always confident.

Her music has a distinctly American sound, alt-rock injected with equal parts of punk, country, blues, and folk. It is true that the band can veer to the left or right of any given style, but Pipitone’s voice remains instantly recognizable at the center.

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